Chairs that bring people together

Designed and developed in collaboration with Amsterdam Metropolitan Area


A conversation with a stranger can have a positive influence on well-being. Research shows that people do not just mind to converse with a stranger, they even like it, but do not dare to take the initiative. With Chairwave, VOUW wants to encourage contact between strangers in the public space.

The moment someone sits down on Chairwave, the seats next to that person unfold, leaving them open as the only options for the following person to sit on. This is the perfect moment to start a conversation.

VOUW is constantly researching and applying new technology in design, to make the world a little better. With this project VOUW wants to make people aware of the value of a real conversation and to establish a connection with each other.



27-08-2019 - City Hall Lelystad
06-08-2019 - Noorderkerk, Amsterdam


19-10-2019 - Dutch Design Week
05-11-2019 - City Hall Zaandam
21-04-2020 - Salone del Mobile Milano

Chairwave by VOUW 10 chairs impression.png

Our team


Mingus Vogel



Justus Bruns



Mathieu Wernsen

Electric & Mechanical Engineer


Paul cremers

Light designer


Julien Weissenberg Phd

Data Scientist & AI


Imre Gelens

Data Scientist