Singapore from the perspective of a time traveling astronaut.

Designed and developed for iLight Singapore, Urban Redevelopment Authority, 2019


City Gazing Singapore shows the city of Singapore as if you would fly over it at night, with all the street lights, homes and roads lit up. With a special animation, the work lets visitors time travel over the past 100 years, to see how Singapore has grown from a couple of key arterial roads into the international hub it is today.

Suspended over the Lawn at the Marina Bay, the city is turned upside down before the starry sky. In many ways, the moment of experiencing City Gazing Singapore feels both grand and humble. As VOUW adopts the ‘overview effect’, there is a mental shift in awareness of how fragile life on earth is by exposing oneself to the vastness of the world. As the anchor piece of i Light Singapore’s sustainability hub, the work invites visitors to think more about the future of the city from a humble and sustainable perspective.


The music of City Gazing Singapore

Darius Timmer, a renowned Dutch composer, composed music for City Gazing Singapore to tell the story of Singapore’s growth over the last 100 years. Timmer used traditional instruments in combination with deeper future tones to highlight the change of times.


Watch in VR or 360°

Enjoy an immersive experience of the City Gazing Singapore in VR, including music composed by Darius Timmer.


Our team


Mingus Vogel


Darius Timmer



Justus Bruns



Paul Cremers

Light Designer


Simon Luitse

Construction lead