Beijing is a landmark city with a rich history reflected in its recognizable street map. Best viewed from ‘below’.

VOUW has been invited to participate in the exhibition Continuous Refle(a)ction at the Beijing Riverside Art Museum (山水 美术馆 北京), opening on 25 May 2019. This exhibition invites outstanding artists from all over the world to discuss the topic of environmental protection, acting as both a reflection on human impact through the perspectives of contemporary art and inciting reaction through a program of talks and events.


Astronauts who have seen the earth in the midst of space, experience first-hand the fragility of life on earth. With the light art installation in the Beijing Riverside Art Museum VOUW brings this feeling to people on earth.

City Gazing Beijing shows the city as if you’re looking out of an airplane window by night. This moment gives the spectator a feeling of both grandeur and humbleness.

Astronauts experience this feeling even more extreme. Every astronaut who sees the earth floating in the vastness of space, experiences the ‘overview effect’, a mental shift of awareness how fragile life on earth is. When they return to earth they they feel compelled to commit themselves to a sustainable future.


Our team


Mingus Vogel



Justus Bruns



Simon Luitse



Paul Cremers

Light designer